Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation

What is Nature Treks?

Nature Treks is not a game in the traditional sense. Nature Treks is a non competitive experience aimed as an aid for relaxation through the use of audio and visuals.

What do I do?

Take a break from constant competition. Immerse yourself in the environments and atmosphere, you should find yourself feeling relaxed within 5-10 minutes.

A Deeper Goal

Today's modern urban lifestyles can be busy and stressful. Leisure time is difficult to obtain and getting out to nature using congested transport links can be both an expensive and stressful experience. This means a high percentage of people miss out on the sounds, shapes and colours of our natural environment. Nature Treks uses technology as an aid to bring some of the healing properties of these into peoples homes in a convenient and stress free environment.

In addition to exploring a natural environment Nature Treks uses the powerful medium of color to help the user to relax and benefit from these properties. In addition to the audio and visual sensory experience, Nature Treks has the added element of interactivity. This gives the user a deeper immersion in the experience, helping them detach from their day to day worries, pressures and anxieties. Allowing the mind and body to relax.

Nature Treks aims at aiding several aspects including, Relaxation, Reduce Anxiety, Depression, Mood Stability and as an aid for sleep.

Future Aims

Nature Treks is intended to be the first of a continued and long term genre of projects. GreenerGames aims is to do more research on possible therapeutic gains using an interactive medium. With Children involved with video games and similar technology at such a young age, their exposure to violence though this medium is of increasing concern. Developing projects for younger children or as a parental aid is something we would like to tackle.

We would also like do some research in exploring the potential for this sort of sensory experience as an aid to benefit and help people with physical or learning disabilities.

If you have experience in a related therapeutic field and are interested in offering feedback or simply have ideas you feel are relevant I would be delighted hear from you.

About the developer

My name is John Carline and I've been involved in the games industry for over 14 years. Over this time I worked on a variety of AAA titles. I worked at both the UK and Australian studios for Creative Assembly/Sega on numerous Total War games as Lead Environment and Lead artist.

Other roles have included Lead Environment artist at Pandemic Studios/Electronic Arts, Senior Artist at Frontier Developments, Senior Environment Artist for Slightly Mad Studios working on Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed. I've spent most of the last 6 years partnered and Art Directing a 4X strategy game called 'Oriental Empires', which is currently in steam early access.

Creating non violent emotional ambient experiences is something I'd love to pursue.